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 A Successful men:-

Is a complete men in his conversation and demeanour. He is successful in his business. Body of a successful man develops completely because he refrains from bad company. Becomes satisfied while performing his activities enthusiastically after giving it proper through and satisfies his wife. This gives them mental satisfaction and he lives with full manhood while enjoying his married life.


An Unsuccessful men:-

Does not seem to be a complete man in his conversation and demeanour. Body of an unsuccessful doesn't full develop. Tries to do any work after much thinking but doesn't succeed can not satisfy his wife which pains the wife mentally. He is not able to enjoy his married life fully in any way. Unsuccessful men does not want to get married and tries to remain out of the house for as long as possible if parents get him married he  fears staying with  his wife and is afraid to look into the eyes of his wife. Becomes afraid thinking about the wrong deeds done during the childhood. Time and again the Through comes in to his mind that his wife might come to know about his sexual weakness . In this way an unsuccessful men is not able to make his life successful and becomes irritable. Such man  does not  have the capacity to satisfy his wife . An successful men way hide his weakness from his friends but not  from his wife . To become  successful man, take treatment for the disease after consulting with an able and experienced doctor with the efficient treatment of which you will have a new power,vitality and enthusiasm in your body & you will feed glorified like a successful men.


 Proper consultation for treatment:-

It is often seen having sexual disease or any kind of weakness the patient starts his own treatment secretly by using patent medicines advertised in the new papers. some times they obtain intoxicating drugs in this manner and continue eating it without thinking. in the longer run they become used to such medicines.Some patients cannot take full enjoyment of married life without taking medicines .





 To Ejaculate semen through hands is known as  Masturbation.The main reason for this is bad  company. If the  parents do not give adequate time  to their children then these  children learn cheap things in bad company and try to do some in a lonely place. They become so involved in these things that it  becomes difficult for them to stop them.Innocent child becomes salve of this moment any joy word deprive them of them power need to satisfy women after marriage excessive masturbation does not let the sexual organ's develops completely and body becomes weak.A little conversation creates dizziness and men becomes irritable there is fear suspicion and anxiety his internal power declines day by day. The sensation and excitement in the reins of sex organs increase. this initially leads to night discharges and later semen come out while potting pressure during excretion his digestive system becomes effected and his health  continuously declines despite taking rich diet.Gradually he becomes powerless. will power is needed to leave this addition on through this only this habit can be left.



Disadvantage of masturbations;-

Excessive masturbation changes the shape of the penis while masturbating an individual  uses his lands while ejaculating he pressure the organ with his hands due to pressing the muscle of that place become suppressed. Hence,if a person pressure the organ at its base them that  part becomes thin and weak.


A curve in the organ is also forms by pressing the organ tightly.lf the organ is pressed with right hand the curve would be formed on the right side wile it would be on left side of pressed with the left hand.patient is aware of its consequences with the use of hand.The skin of organ becomes used to the feel of hard touch due to this some patients do not enjoy intercourse because their organ has become used to the touch of hand. while masturbation a patient wants to ejaculate quickly masturbation is not done to  satisfy or make some other persons happy but it is a habit due to bad company. with this habit, individual wants to satisfy and make himself happy quickly mental state is some what strange while masturbating  after some days he considers the activity of masturbating as faulty. So as no one observes him while masturbating he wants to quickly complete it and quickly completing masturbation only means to ejaculate semen . Ejaculating quickly time and again person becomes a patient of Premature Ejaculation. Person develops this disease himself and with his own efforts only he can do away with it. young individuals should avoid this bed habit so that life could become happy .we believe that the patient of mastubation can estimate the disadvantage of masturbation  himself.