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1.   Always avoid bad company do not read dirty books,do not let bed thoughts enter your mind and always protect your semen by avoiding masturbation.

2.   Company of girls and teasing creates excitement the consequences of which are not good.Always stay away from prostitutes contact with prostitutes destroys wealth ,youth and health and serious diseases like Gonorrhoea affect the body.

3.  Masturbation results from bad company therefore one must avoid bad company .This bad habit should be stopped with strong will power. 

4.   One must not get worried if there is night discharge (NOCTURNAL EMISSION)once or twice a month ,or more occurrence able doctor should be consulted.

5.   Marriage is sacred bondage and all its rules should be followed of pleasure, one must respect her fully. One should never do intercourse  during menstruation.

6.   Inter course should be done 2-3 hours after taking food.

7.   Intoxicating commodities such as liquor,opium,tobacco and other thing must be avoided.

8.   One must  urinate before going to sleep.

9.  Easily and quickly digestible food should be taken.

10.  Drink adequate water so that  more quantity of urine passes. This helps in removing the heat of urinary bladder.

11.  If possible,one should walk bare feet on green  grass in early morning.