Noctural Emmision :-

Ejaculation of semen in dreams is called as Night discharge.Its also  known as nightfall. Initially individual wakes up as soon as he ejaculates but when the disease becomes chronic and more one does not feel night  discharge.It is only whens individual wakes up  that he finds had ejaculate during his sleep. Young people discharge  once or twice in a month and it is not a matter of concern. But for more night discharge one must not have erotics thoughts in mind and should avoid vulgar pictures and  literature.Do not drink hot milk at night and have food at least two hours before going to sleep. Bring religious  thoughts in mind

Spermetorrhoea :-

spermetorrhoea discharge of semen while forcing excerement is known as spermetorrhoea initially sperms come out only when the patient forces to excrete feaces or urine gradually semen start coming out before or after urinating. During excitement a stickly substance come out in much quantity the organ becomes Lax . But due to fear and shyness he does not say anything to anyone. The patient of this discharge is not able to satisfy women during intercourse nor he himself gets satisfied,but the desire for inter course remains as such. Despite rich diet patient goes on becoming weak but he can not find the reason for his weakness.

Premature Ejaculation:-

Ejaculation of semen soon during intercourse is known as Premature Ejaculation. It is true that join intercourse power for all men is not men can do intercourse for two minutes while other can do so five  minutes but when a person ejaculate semen without satisfying the women he must consider himself a patient of Premature Ejaculation .It has many conditions such ejaculation of semen while going near a women and ejaculation semen at that time itself, ejaculation of semen as soon as touching the sex organ which later on can become the cause of Impotency. The patient of this disease should not consume medicines of opium and other interacting drugs.The drugs benefit the patient for some time but after some time he becomes used to it and every time he has to take the help of these medicines. Then one day these medicines loose their effect and the patient becomes impotent forever. One has bad thoughts who has the habit of excessive masturbation of unnatural coitious can become the patient of premature ejaculation.


If a person is unable to satisfy a women completely during intercourse he is called Impotent. It can be of many kind, not to have full power or not having it for needed time, ejaculation semen before satisfying a women during inter course and not having any excitement in the end. All these are kinds of impotencies. Biggest reason of impotency is excessive masturbation . In this condition there is no excitement in the male organ despite having desire to have intercourse with a women and his organ passive like a lifeless piece of organ.Organ does not become rigid inspite of sexual desire and if the individual does bring some excitement in his organ by making full efforts he immediately ejaculation semen during intercourse.This disease destroys the married life completely patients become disappointed and worries too much. He feels blackness in his life and out of desperation thinks about ending his life some times one can easily imagine the mental state of that who women who gives her everything to her husband for sexual satisfaction and where she comes to know that her husband is unable to satisfy her in inter course she becomes desperate compelled by the desire to satisfy  her sexual needs and birth of a child she might take refuge of an another person. This leads to ill same in the society and a house becomes to heaven becomes hell due to the foolishness of man.


Its one of the most serious disease and his develops having intercourse with the Prostitutes. After some days of inter course a small blister forms on the organ.It spreads and becomes a wound. Its first wound in ordinary but if treatment is not taken quickly this disease stays for a very long time . In a first phase the wound remains only on the organ while in the second phase black spots appear on the body along with brown covered spots which soon spread into syphilis . In the third phase, syphilis effects the bones and like leprosy large develop and bone of the nose melts.If germs of syphilis reach the brain the patient develops adhering and ultimately the patient dies.Thus no laxity must be shown in treatment should be started.


More children is a curse from point of view of government and not having any is a curse  from the point of view of the society . Those people who don't have any child and who have become disappointed must know the reason of the same from their doctor and see if the disorder lies in man or women. Often it is seen that only women is termed guilty and call her barren women .

Many person start thinking of remairring to obtain a child, but disorder may lie in the man also . If both husband and wife get themselves examined they can obtained a child and their family life were become happy. Therefore men and women desiring to have a child should come and can also obtain advise .